Keeping it Rural

We live where the wild things are

What does "Keeping it Rural" mean?

For us, living a rural lifestyle wasn’t always where we thought we’d end up. We met skiing, travelled together, enjoyed a nomadic life living in many different places in Northern BC.  But what kept bringing us back here, to the Bulkley Valley and the family farm, was the peace. The ability to create something simple and fulfilling. The meaningful existence of purpose and happiness. Breeann’s parents took an undeveloped piece of land and turned it into their home and now we have the chance to take it a step further and we are so excited to see what the future holds.

Keeping it Rural means returning to our roots; both of our families immigrated to Canada as farmers on the prairies and carved out lives for themselves through incredible challenges.By keeping it rural, we honour the hard work it takes to do things differently, solve problems in unique ways, and teach our children to overcome obstacles. Keeping it rural means living a life with purpose and meaning, being connected to the seasons and what grows around us. A traditional life in tune with the flow of the weather.  Our greatest pleasure is getting the opportunity to explore what our little corner of the valley has to offer us!

We live where the wild things are

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B and T Adventures

Booking a trip with B & T Adventures means taking the time to slow down. Delight in the natural surroundings to the sound of sleigh bells and horse hooves. Connect with family and friends around the campfire by the light of the lanterns.